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Engine Repair

Auto Engines are like human hearts

Your engine is the heart of your car, van, SUV, auto, truck or any motorized vehicle.
Just like the human heart it needs care and attention to keep ticking. Driving should be free of jerking, surging, or stalling. It should be smooth and easy, An engine that runs smoothly makes the pleasure part of owning and driving a vehicle so much better.

Auto Engine Warning Signs

Engines require both routine maintenance plus your attention to sounds or performance glitches. Listen to your vehicle like you listen to your heart.
Is your check engine light on? Is your engine not cranking? Does your car hesitate while driving or starting? Is your car using excessive amounts of oil? Is smoke coming out of the exhaust? Is your engine making a knocking noise or shaking more than usual? But if your car is popping and locking, that's a pretty strong sign of engine trouble. It could be due to fouled spark plugs, clogged fuel lines or fuel filter, the main computer reading the driving situation wrong, or many, many other issues.
These are signs of engine problems, possibly major.

Dashboard Engine Warning Signs

Your dashboard is full of cautionary information. The lights you'll probably want to pay the most attention to are:
Check Engine can be the most confusing because it could mean so many different things, from major to minor including:
  • a loose gas cap
  • pistons are shot.
  • Engine Leaking Coolant
  • Blown Head Gasket
  • Intake Resealing
  • Cracked Block
  • Valve Jobs
Check Oil/Oil Level Low - this one has no mystery
Oil Pressure Low - nor this one.

Preventive Maintenance Tune-ups

Whether you have identified or suspect a problem, a tune-up is key to a healthy vehicle. A properly maintained vehicle will have the full power it was designed to have.
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